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International Quality & Management Standard

International Management & Quality Control Certificates

  1. API 5L
  2. API 5CT-1 046
  3. API Specification Q1
  4. Lioyod's
  5. ISO 9001-2000

  6. Approval of material manufacturers
  7. Quality management system
  8. Approval of manufacturer certificate
  9. Manufacture License of Special equipments
  10. Certificate of measurement managment system

Inspection, Measurement & Testing equipment

A state of the art Test-lab and Measurement/Inspection facility includes:

  • Imported Microscope for micro-structure analysis
  • Imported Spectrometer for chemical composition analysis of metals
  • Ultrasonic tube flaw detection system
  • Eddy-current test system Ultrasonic test system Hydro-test system
  • Utra-sonic Detection System
  • Hydro-Test System

Well-equipped Materials & Products Test Lab

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